Wedding Insurance

With a wedding there comes a lot of chaos. You have to rely on a great many people to do their jobs in order for everything to happen as planned. With every vendor you hire and every extra person you invite there is added risk of something going wrong. That's where insurance comes in. There are two types of insurance associated with weddings: liability insurance and cancellation insurance.

Liability Insurance

Many places that you might rent for the ceremony or the reception will require you to carry liability insurance and name them as an "other insured" on the policy. This insurance protects you in case there is a mishap resulting in property damage or personal injury. It can also cover you for liquor related accidents. This means that if that crazy cousin you almost didn't invite trips over the power cord for the microphone and sues for his broken arm your insurance company has to pay up, not you.

If you, or a relative who is paying for the location, has homeowner's insurance, there is a good chance that you already have the liability insurance you need. Check your policy carefully and alert your insurance company about the particulars.

If you don't already have this liability insurance it can be purchased as a stand alone insurance policy for your event. Shop around to see which insurance company is offering the best coverage at affordable rates.

Cancellation Insurance

Nobody likes to think about the headaches and heartbreaks of a canceled wedding. Now is a good time to do so, though. There are several reasons why a wedding might be canceled that have nothing to do with the bride and groom and everything to do with circumstances beyond anyone's control. Cancellation insurance makes it so that you can recover the lost money and be able to put the whole thing on at a later time.

There are several valid reasons a wedding might need to be postponed. Unfortunately, postponement is as good as canceled in the eyes of all your vendors, rental halls and restaurant banquet rooms and equipment rental companies that you are using. Some of these reasons are:

  • Severe weather. Hurricanes and tornadoes are just two types of weather disasters that can cause weddings to be delayed or canceled due to timing, evacuations and destruction of the very buildings that were going to house the wedding festivities.
  • Approved leave is suddenly withdrawn for a bride or groom who is a member of the military.
  • Illness or injury. The bride or groom might be injured or sick to the point where they can not get married at the scheduled time.

If one of these things happens to you, your wedding insurance would kick in. However, one of the other great advantages of wedding insurance is that they can pay you for things that go wrong even if the wedding goes on. This would include refunds of deposits and payments made to vendors who don't show. If the photographer or caterer doesn't show up, you get your money back.

Whether you are having a large, formal wedding or an intimate celebration it is a good idea to make sure that you have insurance so you are prepared no matter what surprises come along on your big day.

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