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Economy is Down Insurance Fraud is Up
Clever or unscrupulous, no matter how you characterize it, no one likes to fall victim to fraud and scams. Unfortunately, we're all likely to be victimized even if we never actually come across someone who's cutting corners to make a buck. Insurance Fraud Generally, fraud occurs when someone intentionally ... READ MORE

Claims Adjusters: Roles, Duties and Interests
Your interaction with an insurance company will most likely be limited to contact with a "claims adjuster," so it's important to understand the critical role these individuals play in the claim process. ... READ MORE

Dealing with Insurance Companies
Before you make any kind of insurance claim -- and certainly before you talk with an adjuster -- here's what you need to know. ... READ MORE

Finding An Insurance Lawyer
You may already have a list of prospective lawyers. Before you go any further, take a few more minutes to make sure that you are looking for the right kind of lawyer. There are all kinds of lawyers who practice in the insurance area. As some general guidelines, keep in mind the following: If you're fighting ... READ MORE

Guide to Who's Who in Insurance Adjusting
Property damage to your home or business can have devastating consequences. If you're insured, that's good news. But it's just the start of the recovery process. Whether the loss results from a common natural disaster, like a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, or a fire or other peril, the first step ... READ MORE

Insurance Policy Lapses
Insurance policies, whether they are life, health, disability or homeowners' insurance policies, have premiums which must be paid in order to keep the policy in effect. Sometimes the insured pays the premiums, and sometimes the insured's employer pays the premiums. If you are thinking about retiring ... READ MORE

Meeting With An Insurance Lawyer
Treat your first meeting as a business consultation. Dress well and be prompt. Be polite and courteous. You will want to impress the lawyer, just as he or she will be trying to impress you. Give a lawyer the chance to get to know you. Don't feel compelled right off the bat to blurt out everything you ... READ MORE

Missing a Payment on Your Insurance Policy
Most insurance policies require that insurance premiums be paid either at the beginning of the policy period or at designated times during the policy period. If the insured misses a payment, the insurance policy usually lapses unless the insurer agrees to accept a late payment and continue the policy. ... READ MORE

Preparing to Meet with An Insurance Lawyer
It can be a big waste of time for both you and the lawyer if you aren't prepared for your first meeting. Since business lawyers usually charge by the hour, being unprepared will also end up costing you money because it will take longer for the lawyer you hire to get up to speed on your legal matter. ... READ MORE

Reinsurance, known as the insurance for insurance companies, is insurance that an insurer purchases to protect itself against exposure to large risks. The reinsurance process helps insurance companies spread and share risk against catastrophic loss. By spreading risk, reinsurance allows the insurance ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Insurance Case From a Local Attorney

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Sadly - you "were told" alot of things that were simply wrong. You need to hire a lawyer ASAP to see what can be done and a claim made - but don't hold your breath, especially with no objective docume ...Read more

You will probably have to actually hire a lawyer to sort this out. 

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