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Our neighbors failed to secure their canopy and it flew over a 4ft fence and damaged our car in our driveway. They rent next door and don't have renter's insurance. Repairs did not meet our deductible, and the neighbors & landlord are quite uncooperative. Do I sue my neighbor or real homeowner/landlord in small claims? I've already gotten our vehicle repaired & paid $985 out of pocket.
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Answered on Oct 10th, 2016 at 8:02 AM

THe question that must be asked to determine if you have a claim is whether the neibor acted reasonably for the circumstances.  If there was no wind and no reason to expect one, they may not be resonsible.  If the opposite is true they would be responsible and you could sue them in small claims.  the ll/owner is not responsible unless you can show he knew or should have know what his tennant was doing or failed to do.

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