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What are my options if I hired a body shop to repairs certain issues but not all and they ended up repairing everything?

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I never authorized these repairs and have actually hired another person to complete the job. I had initially had the conversation with my insurance company and they told me that was fine and cut 2 separate checks for the 2 contractors. Am I legally bound to pay the contractor that performed the work for the remaining balance?
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Answered on Sep 30th, 2017 at 11:42 AM

If your insurance carrier paid for it - and your intent is to stiff the shop for work actually performed, so YOU can skim the extra money, you are probably going to spend the money you think you will skim on a lawyer dealing with a Fla. Stat. 559 case to get your car back out of the mechanics lein the shop will impose. If this is simply a balance that was NOT paid by the insurance carrier - then you need to work this out with the shop if possible. Otherwise, you still end up with a Fla. Stat. 559 lawsuit to deal with. 

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