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my insurance company said my insurance was lapsed less than 30 days before my accident but they refuse to reinstate or cover me

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What do I do? I paid 400 a month for full coverage and didn't miss a payment there was a back pay of some sort owed from a previous vehicle which I was unaware of. I continued to pay my normal 400 a month but did not pay the 100 or so back pay I had no idea of...
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Answered on Feb 12th, 2014 at 8:00 PM
The rules regarding cancellation of an insurance policy are very specific and must be followed by an insurance company who drops you. To discuss your case in more detail please feel free to contact my office. - Tony Sheffy 860-620-9460 ext 106

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Insurance enables people and companies to reduce the risk of suffering a catastrophic financial loss. Insurance attorneys offer a variety of services to both individuals and small businesses. For example, paying a small health insurance premium protects you in the event you are in an accident or diagnosed with a health condition that requires expensive treatment. Individual consumers may commonly purchase health insurance, automobile insurance, homeowner's insurance and/or renter's insurance. Businesses need a variety of policies to protect both their property and the company in the event of a lawsuit. Your insurance lawyer can review your existing policies and advise you on additional policies or coverage that may be necessary to protect you or your company from potential risks. Insurance law firms can also help you challenge insurance claims that have been denied in "bad faith," or in violation of the terms and conditions of the policy. And insurance lawyers can represent you if you are sued for something that is covered by an existing insurance policy.
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