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" We find out it didnt have insurance, it was never transferred." This is a problem as the only person than could and can transfer the insurance to the new vehicle would be you, such that you sho ...Read more

Unfair, unfortunately is not a legal standard. The services were either covered by insurance or they weren't and thats the issue. If they are suing for damages, you do need to retain a lawyer to repre ...Read more

This is a deficiency claim NOT diminished value. There is no real remedy here, other than hiring a lawyer for a lawsuit, if the inusrance carrier won't assess he vehicle at a higher value. Unfortunate ...Read more

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How Does the Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA) Protect Washington State Dri

The Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA), which was a voter approved initiative, took effect on Dec. 6, 2007. The law made it illegal for insurance companies to “unreasonably deny an insurance clai ... Read more

What to do When Insurers Act in “Bad Faith” in Personal Injury Cases

An insurance policy is a promise by an insurer to provide insurance protection to its policy holders. In addition to the duty to provide protection, the insurer must also negotiate and settle claims i ... Read more

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

The New York Metropolitan Area is filled with hard-working, intelligent professionals who have advanced in their careers reaping financial and career success. Because they are at such a high level, ev ... Read more

Denied Unum Claims – Another Unfair Claim Tactic

Most people making an individual disability claim for benefits under their Paul Revere or Provident policy don’t pay a whole lot of attention to Unum’s careful strategy of characterizing y ... Read more

Is Unum Changing the Wording of my Disability Contract?

The wording of your Paul Revere or Provident disability contract is as valuable as if it was written in gold. That’s because Unum, the mammoth company deciding your claim under these contracts, ... Read more

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