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Flood Insurance: High Water Brings High Costs
Water is one of the most destructive forces of nature. Just a couple of inches can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home and belongings. Just think about how much damage a few feet of water can cause. Do you need flood insurance? Will you be able to get it if you need it? You may be surprised. ... Read more

Learn from Alabama and Be Ready for Spring Storms
The images and storm reports from Alabama leave even veteran storm chasers speechless, humbled and in awe. The 2011 spring storm season has barely started and the statistics are hard to believe. The tally for reported tornadoes in April stands at almost 900. May is usually the worst month for spring ... Read more

Who's Responsible for Man-Made Disasters?
  In September 2010, a natural gas pipeline exploded in San Bruno, California Mishaps often happen when it comes to making or delivering the resources we need and use each day Generally, those who cause a man-made disaster, like the gas explosion, are legally responsible for the damage caused Know what ... Read more

Seasonal Fire Safety Checklist
Fires during the holiday season kill many hundreds of people and cause millions of dollars of property damage each year. Thanksgiving is the leading day for home cooking fires. Christmas trees alone account for 200 fires annually. Here are steps you can take to safely stay warm and festive this year. ... Read more

When a Disaster Hits Your Home-Based Business
In 2004, over 20 million Americans did some work at home as part of their primary jobs. That number has almost certainly increased since then. Anyone who works from home - whether it's a home-based business or home office - should think about what would happen when a disaster hits your home. Prepare ... Read more

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Be Prepared for a Flood with these Flood Safety Tips!

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Make Sure To Check Off This Property During Divorce

In a high-asset divorce, there's no question that you have a lot to gain or lose. Some of the things you want out of your divorce could be monetary, while other items you want could be based solely on ... Read more

When a Construction Defect Turns Into Litigation

A construction defect constitutes an "occurrence” for purposes of a policy of insurance where the provisions of an insurance policy are clear and unambiguous, they are not subject to ju ... Read more

New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers Representing Victims of Distracted Drivers

Car accidents caused by distracted driving are increasing across the United States, largely stemming from a rise in mobile device use while driving. In the few seconds it takes to answer a call, read ... Read more

West Virginia Supreme Court Refuses to Apply Equitable Insured Status to Tenant Not Identified on Homeowners Policy

Released October 14, 2015. In a case successfully argued by Martin & Seibert, the West Virginia Supreme Court has refused to grant a tenant "equitable insured" status under the landlo ... Read more

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