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Medical malpractice insurance - med mal insurance - protects doctors from lawsuits by patients who claim the medical services received were below a re ... read more
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A Wide Variety of Professional Liability Insurance
Licensed professionals can buy professional liability insurance to protect against lawsuits arising from work-related errors. This insurance is sometimes called malpractice insurance or "errors-and-omissions" insurance. Many people are familiar with medical malpractice insurance for doctors, but there ... Read more

Many States Require Medical Malpractice Insurance
Medical malpractice insurance - med mal insurance - protects doctors from lawsuits by patients who claim the medical services received were below a reasonable standard of care. Without this type of insurance, a doctor might have to pay out of pocket to cover a damages award. The cost of medical malpractice ... Read more

Legal Malpractice Insurance Does Not Cover All Claims
The right insurance for your law practice can mean the difference between staying in business and financial ruin. Professional liability insurance for lawyers, also known as legal malpractice insurance, protects lawyers against lawsuits when mistakes are made involving a client's case. Maintaining this ... Read more

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What is No-Fault Auto Insurance and How does the Arbitration Process Relate?

The purpose of this post is to help assist those with questions they have concerning their business or medical practice.The Callagy Law team is knowledgeable in many law practice areas and will freque ... Read more


The Doctors Company, a medical professional liability insurance carrier, recently conducted a study onmedical malpractice claims filed against hospitalists between 2007 and 2014. A “hospitalist& ... Read more

Unique Tax Considerations in Estate Planning with Children

Unique Tax Considerations In Estate Planning With Minor Children Many parents, grandparents or other family members wish to provide gifts to minor children, while retaining some con ... Read more

Registered Agents for Texas Entities

Section 5.201(b) of Texas Business Organizations Code (the “TBOC”) requires that every domestic or foreign filing entity (including without limitation, any limited liability company, corpo ... Read more

Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers Recall Alert: Olympus Corporation Medical Scopes

The US Senate released the details of an investigation relating tomedical scopes that are manufactured by Olympus Corp., a national frontrunner when it comes to the production and sales ofduodenoscope ... Read more

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