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Property owners often insure their property against losses due to natural disasters. If you are a property owner and you have an insurance policy for ... read more
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Flood Insurance: High Water Brings High Costs
Water is one of the most destructive forces of nature. Just a couple of inches can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home and belongings. Just think about how much damage a few feet of water can cause. Do you need flood insurance? Will you be able to get it if you need it? You may be surprised. ... Read more

Learn from Alabama and Be Ready for Spring Storms
The images and storm reports from Alabama leave even veteran storm chasers speechless, humbled and in awe. The 2011 spring storm season has barely started and the statistics are hard to believe. The tally for reported tornadoes in April stands at almost 900. May is usually the worst month for spring ... Read more

Surviving a Hurricane
Each year brings a new hurricane season for US coastal states. Usually, the seasons start and end on the same dates: They begin June 1 for the Atlantic Ocean coast and May 15 for Eastern Pacific coastal states. Both seasons end November 30. That's a long time, and predicting when and where a hurricane ... Read more

Be Prepared and Be Safe at Home
September is National Preparedness Month, a time to learn about the simple things you can do to prepare for emergencies and keep your family safe when they strike. It's also a good time look around the house and take steps to prevent accidents and injuries before they happen. Emergencies Natural or man-made, ... Read more

Disasters and Address Changes
When a disaster strikes your family and your home, it is overwhelming. Not only must you deal with the mental and physical after-effects of a catastrophe, but you must also address all of the details necessary to move forward. Among those are a number of companies and government agencies that should ... Read more

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You will need to retain a lawyer to handle the insurance claim issue and should have done so when it occurred. This should be done immediately.

There is no conflict of interest here as opposed to you being upset that you can't profit from the part order. There is something shady here in that the insured is expected to pay for the part with a ...Read more

You should contact an accident lawyer so you can get a free consult to see how u should proceed

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