Medicare & Medicaid

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Rules to Transfer Assets for Medica...

In addition to providing low-income families and seniors over the age of 65 with health care coverage, Medicaid also pays for long-term nursing home care for...Read more

Medicare for Persons Over 65 and Ot...

Medicare is a health insurance program that covers individuals age 65 or older, as well as a few others. It's offered by the federal government. If you work,...Read more

Medicaid Helps Low Income Families ...

Medicaid ensures that many U.S. citizens receive healthcare, even if they can't afford it, or if they can't afford private health insurance. Although Medicaid...Read more

Medicare & Medicaid

Medicare & Medicaid

Who's Your Doctor Most Concerned About?

Your doctor prescribes some drugs or orders a test when you visit his office; it's no big deal, right? You made an appointment to figure out what's wrong with you and the doctor's trying to do just th ... Read more

Information about Long-Term Care and Hospice Care

When you face a chronic illness or disability, long-term care is an important consideration. Services provided as long-term care cover daily living needs such as personal hygiene, meal preparation, an ... Read more

Health Insurance Fraud Raises Insurances Costs for Everyone

Fraud involves lying about something or deceiving someone for gain. The gain is usually financial. Health insurance is a complex system that opens the door for many types of fraud. Anyone who defrauds ... Read more

Coverage for Prescriptions: Regular, Medicare and Medicaid

Insurance to cover the cost of prescription drugs is a major concern. The primary sources are private insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid. Due to variation in plans and the high cost of prescription drug ... Read more

Supplemental Health Care for Those on Medicare

Many retired individuals rely on the federal Medicare program to cover health care expenses. Medicare doesn't cover everything, though, which means you will have out-of-pocket expenses or you'll need ... Read more

Additional Medicare & Medicaid Topics

Additional Medicare & Medicaid Topics