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Under a life insurance plan, you agree to pay premiums to an insurance company, and the insurance company agrees to pay benefits to a beneficiary that ... read more
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Yes, while your medical condition is unfortunate, its is not the insurance carriers responsibility and complaints about a repair 1 year after the fact is certainly an issue. You may have to decide whe ...Read more

This is not  "due dilgence" issue so much as a "errors and omissions" type claim. YOu will have to prove that you instructed the agent to add your son and that he didnt timely do so. Its not clea ...Read more

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In a split decision by theNew Jersey Supreme Court last month, doctors who do not have the proper liability insuranceshould be disciplined by the state medical board rather than the courts.

In Maryland Auto Accident Lawsuits, We Sue the Driver, Not the Insurance Company

When an auto accident occurs in Maryland, a claim is brought against the driver's insurance company. In this instance it is often the insurance... Keep Reading.

Working Together to Close on Your Home

Closing on a home can feel like a daunting task.  You may work with a realtor, an inspector, a surveyor, a banker, a title insurance agent, an insurance agent, and perhaps several other individua ... Read more

Employers are Paying More While Employees Get Less Workers' Comp Benefits

According to a report from the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI), employees who suffer injuries on the job are receiving fewer benefits through workers’ compensation even though their ... Read more

Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyers

Chances are if you are a student, commuter or someone who lives in an urban setting, you have ridden a bus for one reason or another. Long distance charter buses are popular for student and senior cit ... Read more

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