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Under a life insurance plan, you agree to pay premiums to an insurance company, and the insurance company agrees to pay benefits to a beneficiary that ... read more
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Use Viatical Settlements to Raise Cash If You're Ill
A person who is terminally might need money to pay for medical or living expenses, or even to take a special trip with family members. One way to raise cash at this difficult time is to sell a life insurance policy to a viatical settlement company. A similar arrangement for someone who is not terminally ... Read more

Term Life Insurance Covers a Specified Period of Time
People buy term life insurance to help provide financial security for their families. It pays the death benefit specified by the policy to your spouse, children, or other beneficiaries when you die. Your beneficiaries can use the money for funeral expenses, to pay off the mortgage on your family's home, ... Read more

The Different Types of Whole Life Insurance Plans
Under a life insurance plan, you agree to pay premiums to an insurance company, and the insurance company agrees to pay benefits to a beneficiary that you name when a certain event occurs - usually, your death. Life insurance benefits can help support you during your life or support your dependents after ... Read more

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If you were rear ended, you should hire counsel to explore every possible source of insurance coverage. A good attorney may be able to find coverage even if the at fault driver is insufficiently insur ...Read more

contact a NJ lawyer who specializes in Insurance law. Most will take the case on a contingency fee..sorry for your loss...good luck

contact a tennessee atty who specializes in Insurance law

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Tools for Estate Planning with Minor Children

1. Nomination of Guardianship. Proper estate planning should include a clear directive nominating a successor guardian to essentially step into the parenting shoes left empty by the ... Read more

Philadelphia Medical Product Liability Lawyers: Senators Call for UDIs

The Unique Device Identification (UDI) System serves to identifymedical devices in the United States. The use of UDIs is mandated by the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007. The Act re ... Read more

How to File a WEAR and TEAR(TM) Workers' Compensation Claim

Some Work-Related Injuries Are Sudden When many New Jersey workers hear the term “work-related injury,” they naturally contemplate a sudden, traumatic incident – falling from a ladde ... Read more

The Injustice that Follows From Low Insurance Policy Limits

A Moneta, Virginia family who lost a loved one in a drunk driving collision recently settled their wrongful death case for the incredibly low amount of...Keep Reading.

Are MRI's Reimbursable | Callagy Law

MRIs can be performed within five days of the insured event under certain circumstances See original post here: The purpose of this post is to he ... Read more

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