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My health insurance denied benefits to my husband because we are in a same sex marriage relationship in New York

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I have insurance thru my job, blue cross blue shields, I live and work in NY my human resources manager told me I can't add my husband in my plan only because this insurance in base in South Carolina and that state do not recognize same sex marriage, but I live in New York married here with my husband, please tell me what I can do. I need to know what are my chances, I don't think is fare not to be able to add my husband since I am marry in NY and be recognized as state and federal system.Please help.
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Gerry M. Wendrovsky at Law Office of Gerry Wendrovsky
Licenced in NY
Answered on Dec 10th, 2013 at 3:54 PM

It is quite possible that if you have this denial expressly in writing, you may have sufficient evidence to bring a lawsuit alleging that this insurance carrier just violated state, and possibly federal law. A carrier that does business in New York has to follow New York law. You should consult with qualified local counsel.

Gerry Wendrovsky, Esq.- Upper West Side Divorce Lawyer

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