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Purchase Uninsured Motorist Insuran...

Uninsured motorists are those who operate their motor vehicles with no insurance coverage. Unless you carry special insurance coverage on your own auto policy...Read more

Raised Insurance Rates After an Acc...

Auto insurers make the most money if they never have to pay any claims on your behalf, either for damage to your vehicle or for damage you caused to someone e...Read more

HOA Insurance

Homeowners associations (HOA) are responsible for buying insurance that covers all public areas of a development. Individual homeowners need to insur...Read more

Auto Insurance

Understand the Key Points of No-Fault Insurance

Under a fault-based insurance system, your insurance company pays the claims of both drivers involved in an accident if the accident was your fault. If the accident was the other driver's fault, the other driver's insurance pays the claims of both drivers. If you have no-fault insurance, on the other hand, your insurance company will pay your personal injury claim no matter whose fault... Read More

Property Insurance

Insuring Your Home

Considering their value, homes should be insured against possible losses. If you take out a mortgage to buy a home, in fact, most lenders will require that you purchase a homeowner's insurance. When shopping for this type of insurance, look for the appropriate coverage at the right price. Homeowners Insurance A typical homeowner's insurance policy combines property insurance,... Read More

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Coverage for Employees

Many employers offer health insurance as an employee benefit. Your employer may subsidize some of your monthly costs, but no law requires the company to offer health insurance or make contributions. Once your employer makes health insurance available, however, you then have some legal right to it. Your Health Insurance Must Continue During Certain Leaves Employees often are ... Read More

Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance Covers a Specified Period of Time

People buy term life insurance to help provide financial security for their families. It pays the death benefit specified by the policy to your spouse, children, or other beneficiaries when you die. Your beneficiaries can use the money for funeral expenses, to pay off the mortgage on your family's home, or for other financial needs. Term life has several key characteristics that distin... Read More

Medicare & Medicaid

Rules to Transfer Assets for Medicaid Look-Back Periods

In addition to providing low-income families and seniors over the age of 65 with health care coverage, Medicaid also pays for long-term nursing home care for elders. If your parent is reaching the age where you think a nursing home might become a possibility, it's important to begin planning years in advance. Both federal and individual state laws govern Medicaid, and both include a p... Read More

Professional Insurance

Legal Malpractice Insurance Does Not Cover All Claims

The right insurance for your law practice can mean the difference between staying in business and financial ruin. Professional liability insurance for lawyers, also known as legal malpractice insurance, protects lawyers against lawsuits when mistakes are made involving a client's case. Maintaining this type of insurance also lets your clients know that your practice is sophisticated en... Read More

Additional Insurance Topics

Additional Insurance Topics