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What would the trade-in value have been without the accident? You don't need an expert for this, your dealership can give you that information. 

That simply makes no sense. Something is missing here unless you still have BOTH cars titled in your name. You can call the Florida Department of Insurance and see if they can help you sort this ...Read more

No way to answer WHY? You will either need to get to the bottom of this or you will need o hire a lawyer to cut through the red tape to do so. 

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Land Development in Floodplains: Technology to Guide State and Local Decisi

 Land use and development in areas that experience seasonal or periodic flooding is complicated. Responsibilities in the event of a flood that causes property and land damage are spread out among ... Read more

When is Evidence of Liability Insurance Admissible Under Maryland Law?

It is well established under Maryland law that, typically, evidence of liability insurance is not admissible to determine whether a party is negligent. Such evidence is highly prejudicial and irreleva ... Read more


In the Sports & Entertainment industry, proper risk management prior to, during, and after each event is critical to success. As an event organizer, you want your patrons to enjoy themselves and y ... Read more


Conflicts between the insurer and the insured can arise from the fact that the duty to defend is much broader than the duty to indemnify. The insurer’s distinct and independent duty to defend it ... Read more

A Major Danger To Commercial Property Owners (And Their Lenders)

Almost all property owners’ insurance policies contain various endorsements covering such matters as rent insurance, business interruption, service interruption, liquor liability, flood and eart ... Read more

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